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Organic poultry feed additives

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A natural supplement of plant origin, the production and use of which does not adversely affect the environment.

The supplement is in liquid form. It can be added to water or feed.

We excel in environmental sustainability.

The supplement comes in liquid form in a 20kg barrel.

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Organic feed supplements for breeding poultry are natural products that aim to improve the health and quality of the birds’ meat.

These supplements are environmentally safe and contain no artificial additives, antibiotics, or hormones. These additives can be used in both conventional and organic feeding of farmed poultry.

See the benefits of natural feed supplement:

Increase in muscle mass and diameter

Promotes a good protein-to-fat ratio

Increased age appropriate for egg laying

Strengthened egg shell

Higher percentage of fertilized eggs

Reduction in fecal odor

Fully metabolized

Speeds up the process of getting meat to market

Does not impart a fishy smell

Accelerates animal recovery between egg-laying periods

Natural support for animal immunity

Reduces mortality among chicks

Supports disease control

Reduces the need for antibiotics

Improves the taste of poultry dishes

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Organic poultry feed additives are substances of natural origin that aim to improve the health, quality, and productivity of poultry production. They do not contain artificial ingredients, antibiotics, or hormones, which can have a negative impact on the environment and human health. The benefits of using organic feed supplements are as follows:

for whom

For poultry producers




For feed industry


The main ingredient of our supplement is an extract from Musa Formosa.

Musa Formosa is a variety of banana tree that is native to the mountainous areas of Taiwan. It is a plant up to 6 meters tall, with a purple-red flowers and edible fruits about 10 cm long. The plant has many health promoting properties such as potassium, fiber, vitamin C and antioxidant content. In addition, Musa Formosa bananas can improve mood, aid digestion and lower blood pressure.

Natural plant ketones are extracted from Musa Formosa. Multiple phytochemical components such as polyphenols and alkaloids are processed by core concentration and separation technology, made with ionization. According to research literature, Musa has a strong:

  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • antioxidant effect
  • effect of improving vascular function and development.


The product may be used in animal breeding to reduce mortality and the spread of infectious diseases, and at the same time, it accelerates the absorption and utilization of feed and increases the speed of growth and development.

It can improve the pH value of the soil and increase the conversion rate of land restoration.

We grow Musa Formosa on our own sustainable farms.

What is C-16K

C-16 K is a nutrient extracted from banana trees using marine biomass water. It is highly alkaline and contains many trace elements to replenish the nutrient deficiencies of plants and animals. The natural plant flavonoids, polyphenols, alkaloids, and other multifaceted phytochemicals are extracted from the Musa Formosa, a natural endemic plant in Taiwan, and are produced through core concentration and isolation technology, along with ionization.

Musa Formosa has been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and vascular effects on the body, but it is the first of its kind to be used in agricultural plantations. The product composition can be used in plant and animal farming to reduce mortality and the spread of infectious diseases, as well as accelerating the absorption and utilization of feed and increasing the rate of growth. In addition, it can improve soil pH and increase the rate of land rehabilitation and conversion.

Our technology

Highly Potent Nutritional Response Ingredients: With low-heat reaction technology, the effective nutrients of natural plants are refined, and multiple trace elements are used for nutrition.

Highly Potent Nutritional Response Ingredients:

With low-heat reaction technology, the effective nutrients of natural plants are refined, and multiple trace elements are used for nutrition.

High-end concentrated ion exchange separation technology:

Delicate and concentrated, change the positive and negative energy electron arrangement of the product.

Ionize negative potential molecules:

Easily absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract.

Certifications and tests

Preliminary analysis of DX21/DX22 extract as a feed and water additive for pigeons and birds showed increased disease resistance, reduced mortality, faster growth of the of the musculoskeletal system. The growth of the musculoskeletal system was faster, and the digestibility and absorption capacity of the feed was relatively better.

The analysis was run by Livewire Biotechnology Ltd.

To prove the safety of the production and product we have certificates issued by leading testing company, SGS and test data from University Ingredients.

about us

The company is a complete transfer of technology from HUO LAO BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., which was founded in 2012 initially as a human body care producer. However, in 2018, it was accidentally discovered that C-16K could effectively alleviate various discomforts in animals. It was found that C-16K could enhance animal resistance and antioxidant capacity.

Our vision and mission

Our company is committed to ensuring that our products are safe for animals and humans, meet the highest quality standards and are based on the latest scientific research. Our aim is to provide our customers with solutions that improve the efficiency and profitability of their husbandry while protecting the environment and animal welfare.

The vision and mission of the company are as follows:

Due to current environmental factors, many animals are born with genetic defects, leading potentially to various issues. By using C-16K in feed, the company aims to address this problem.

For instance, in the event of a large-scale virus outbreak causing significant number of human deaths, the company aims to understand why some individuals quickly succumb to the virus while others experience mild symptoms and recover. The company believes that physical fitness of an organism plays a crucial role in well-being rather than solely relying on medicine. By starting to take care of oneself from an early age, many problems can be avoided. The company’s C-16K product is designed to assist herdsmen with this approach.

If a major virus outbreak occurs, using this product can help prevent mass deaths among animals. In the face of a new virus, the mortality rate of animals can be reduced by 70-80%, returning to the original state. This outcome aligns with everyone’s expectations and can be likened to purchasing insurance. Additionally, our product provides nutritional value to animals, resulting in healthier final output.